"As much come as I love the simplicity of life with Yoga, I also admire and love craft. The pieces that I bought years ago, I still love them for their traditional work. So, I feel like my style is timeless. I always bought slowly, never in a rush. But what I did buy, I still like. Every year it comes out. I don’t have a piece of jewellery, or clothes that are out of fashion and I'm so proud of that because nothing is wasted." - Wellness Expert, Mini Shastri on style and jewellery that stands the test of time, much like the ancient wisdom of Yoga. 

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    "I think this idea of heirlooms is something that we pass on – not just the actual piece, but also just the idea of appreciating these things and holding on to these memories. That it’s not just about the piece, it's really about that memory of a different time and of a person that you hold dearly to you" - Radhika Chopra opens up a trove of family treasures that are a chronicle of shared memories, as well as jewellery-making traditions.  View Post

    "I remember wearing them and thinking, for the first time, jewellery actually makes a woman look beautiful. Because those earrings just made me look beautiful. And that’s such a magical thing about jewellery. It's very much how it makes you feel, you know. I love that moment that when a woman holds a mirror up and tries a pair of earrings and makes a decision that they suit her or they don’t. It follows no logic, it's how she sees it on herself. That moment when a woman does this is so initimate. Its her idea of her beauty." - Nonita Kalra distills all the feelings that jewellery makes us feel in words, like only she can.  View Post

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