THE LINE is a fine jewellery label, based out of India. Founded in 2015, by Natasha Khurana, we apply the principles of prêt‐à‐porter to precious metals and gemstones.
Minimal, modern, immensely wearable, and always accessible, our pieces are handcrafted in Delhi using 18k gold and precious gemstones like diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies.
Whether it's interiors, or textiles, or fashion, or products, we're inspired by good design. 

Our truth is the pursuit beauty, by way of understated luxury.
B Y  N A T A S H A  K H U R A N A

I grew up on a healthy diet of fashion magazines, and was lucky enough to start my career writing fashion for my most favourite magazine, ELLE.
Later, I transitioned to jewellery organically, and learnt about it the best way – on the job.

Crazily enough, I've found two whole careers that I love equally. At THE LINE, I’m able to translate my love for fashion into the more enduring legacy of fine jewellery. And with both I’m able to celebrate the kind of women I love.