We make jewellery with the thought that you’ll wear it for years to come, and possibly pass down generations. Our intention requires some gentle care and maintenance on your part. Here’s a few little pointers to keep in mind.
All our pieces are made in 18k gold, in its natural finish or colour. Unless in some cases where we’ve specifically stated and used a rhodium plating to achieve a blackened gold colour. And in its natural state, 18k gold does not tarnish or wear off.
Diamonds are known to be the hardest gems and are pretty hard but not completely immune to damage. Don’t go about boxing in diamond rings! The loveliest thing about diamonds is their sparkle, so wash them often as advised below to keep them all shiny.
Anything studded with gems requires extra care. Of these, emerald and pearl jewellery is the most delicate of all. A general rule of thumb to follow for all gems is last on, first off. Which is to say, your studded jewels should be the last thing you wear you’re dressed – after you’ve sprayed perfume, hairspray etc. The chemicals in these, as well as household cleaners are known to damage their delicate surfaces. They should also not be worn in chlorinated pools.
Enamelling is the art of painting on jewellery, and should be treated with care. Like gems, enamel doesn’t react well to chemicals in household cleaners, sprays, perfumes and chlorinated pools. It may crack on impact so keep it on cushion it from hard falls. It does well with gentle wash of soap and warm water, wiped with a soft cloth.
  • A lot of our jewellery is meant to be worn daily, and these pieces especially should be cleaned regularly. Like anything, jewellery collects dust, sweat and grime over time, and needs maintenance. Studs worn regularly also tend to collect secretions that then develop a distinct smell known as ear cheese. But it’s nothing a good wash and soap can’t fix.
  • We recommend you clean your jewellery regularly, in a solution of warm (but not hot) water and mild soap. Soak your pieces for about 15 minutes. You may scrub off grime with a soft old toothbrush – but only for plain gold or diamond jewellery. We do not advise scrubbing toothbrush bristles on enamel or coloured gems or pearls, as they are soft surfaces.
  • Wipe dry with a soft cloth, like the cleaning cloth you’d clean eyewear with.
  • Do not clean enamelled jewellery, coloured gems or pearls in Ultrasonic cleansers. And while they are safe to use for diamond jewellery, we advise against them, as they tend to loosen smaller gems.
  • At each cleaning, we recommend you check locking mechanisms and gemstone prongs. They may suffer normal wear and tear over time, but are easily remedied.
To avoid scratches and damage, store your pieces in a soft surface. You could store your pieces individually in the jewellery pouches we provide. Or choose a jewellery box, lined Ina soft cloth, which allows you to store your pieces in separate compartments. Not only will this prevent scratches, it also saves you having to untangle chains.